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Life Simplification

 Full Self-Expression


Explore   Experience   Expand   Express


As your flight attendant, I welcome you aboard

and thank you for traveling with

 Being a Human (Soul embodying in mental-emotional-physical form) traveling Earthly time & space,

you are constantly moving and evolving on your path.  Changing your mind, your skin, your direction,

to follow newly expanding desires and capacities, is inevitable and essential to your human experience.


Resisting/ignoring this natural urge only causes frustration, boredom, blocks, exhaustion, conflict, illness. 


Allow yourself to explore deeper... fly higher... arrive at a new destination.



   What area of your life are you ready to expand?


           What aspect of yourself are you ready to express?     


       What journey are you wanting to experience? 

Choose Your Journey

Simplify Clarify Career Purpose Path

Clear Know Heal Transform

Guidance Renewal Love Unions

Commune Create Connect Celebrate

Declutter Clear Organize Energize

Books Sites Blogs Branding

"Working with Jan is a Gift!! Her capacity to deeply listen and hold a spacious heart presence creates a container that allows those she works with to open to their "tight spots," those places where tension, unconscious fear, and unknown limitations take root in the psyche and layers of the energy field. As a transformational healer myself, I only allow those who are pure in their essence and know how to be deeply present, to work with my energy, body, mind, and Soul. Jan is the real deal! We all deserve the gift of her transformational work. Why not give yourself the gift of Jan?!!"

~ Cheryl M.

"Don’t be deceived by the gentle ways of Jan. No doubt she is an earth angel, whose healing sessions are otherworldly, powerful, and life-changing."


~ Clara E.



Working with Jan was absolutely amazing. She was patient and kind when I was dealing with sensitive  topics. I appreciated her knowledge about my other books and applying that knowledge in her work. She is amazing at bringing out what needs to be birthed and then crafting it into magic!!"

~ Daniel Gutierrez

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